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John is an actor, commercial print model, and voice-over artist. He is hired frequently for Veteran-related public service announcements, medical and sales training videos, and the gamut of over-55 media advertisements and productions. One look at John's photos and you can see the possibilities for your print or video project: spokesman, professor, doctor, lawyer, coach, retiree, father, grandfather, salesman, pharmacist, athlete, manager—you name it.


Behind the microphone, John specializes in commercial and character voice-overs. He has a strong, mellow voice with a nice deep resonance that is both rich and warm. John is a born performer and disciplined artist who loves to connect with his audience from behind the mic.


Previously, John worked in engineering sales and real estate, then spent a decade as a technical writer and communications manager specializing in speeches, publications, and all forms of executive correspondence. He also spent 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Navy where he proudly served in naval aviation.  


John has spent the majority of his professional life forging paths between those who convey messages and those who listen to them. As a result, he understands how important it is to communicate clearly, effectively, and sincerely—both on- and off-camera.

"We have used John for more than a dozen productions as a spokesman and voice actor. He is a true professional—always prepared, flawless delivery."

Benson Fischer, CEO, ZivZo Video Production and Marketing Agency  

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