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"John, we appreciate your talent and good humor on set. Not every shoot goes smoothly, but they do when we have awesome talent like you!” Tom T. , MedStar SiTEL
"We had the great fortune to cast John Pierce in a high profile video that we produced. He brought his A game. From the casting session all the way through the shoot day John was completely professional and prepared, memorizing the script and owning it. Our clients are overjoyed with the end result.” Daphne G. and Bob F., Backfin Media
“A Few Good Men” at Stand Up For…Theater
"The role of LtCol. Nathan Jessup is perhaps one of the most difficult to play in the show. His love of God, country and Corps needs to be balanced with a human side. The duality of a Marine on the rise and that of a man moving to DC in a more political billet can be hard to pull off, but John Pierce does it flawlessly. Pierce has the skill for political speak while at the same time his body language screams, “Don’t screw with me!” I was most impressed that Pierce didn’t try to duplicate the iconic Jack Nicholson portrayal, but he made Jessup his own. To be honest I preferred Pierce’s rendition." 
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